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The third stage of the Top 8. Evgeny Prudnik - Kydyrgali Ongarbayev >>>

The third stage of the Top 8. Evgeny Prudnik - Kydyrgali Ongarbayev # Armwrestling #

The meeting of Evgeny Prudnik and Kydyrgali Ongarbayev already has a history. How will it end this time? ()

This fight has an interesting story. Both participants won the first stage quite confidently and without subsequent doubts. In the second they both lost, but totally in a different way. Evgeny left many questions with his last round, where after getting into the hook he was able to easily overcome Vitaly Laletin, and now we want to know if Prudnik adds in the wrist flexor, then does he have a chance to fight on equal against Laletin? And Kydyrgali loaded Levan’s wrist, and despite the fact that the score was dry, we still got a reason to doubt the invincibility of Saginashvili, who did not lose a single fight in armfights.

In addition, Kydyrgali and Evgeny already met in 2016 and 2017, both times there was no easy fight. The athletes literally snatched victory from each other. The score of their meetings today is 1-1.

What about the strengths of athletes? They are both universal and pull fight both toproll and in a tight hook. On the side of Kydyrgali is a slightly faster start, and, as it seems to us, a slight advantage of toproll. Evgeny has a stronger hook.

The course of the fight will probably be like this: Ongarbaev will start with toproll, trying to pass the wrist of Prudnik and prevent him from jumping or twisting into a hook. After that, he will try not to let Evgeny close his shoulder. Prudnik, in his turn, will try to slip, and in the straps to impose his hook fight.

We return to the fact that for seemingly equal rivals, the result of the duel will depend on who can first impose his movement. But it seems that Evgeny Prudnik, from the time of the last meeting with Kydyrgali, added a little more power to his opponent. And this difference is enough even to allow yourself to start the second number. Yes, Evgeny will not get this victory easy, Kydyrgali is a real warrior, he will fight to the end, using every opportunity and every technical mistake of the Ukrainian. That is how he acted against the unconditional favorite Levan, and in this fight, where their chances are fairly close, he will give all the best, making for us an incredibly spectacular fight, which, we assume, will be the most emotional, technically intense and versatile.

Despite all the saturation and ambiguity, we predict the victory of Prudnik with a score of 5-1 or 6-0.

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