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Krasimir Kostadinov: I just hope I will be in good shape >>>

Krasimir Kostadinov: I just hope I will be in good shape # Armwrestling #

Because of new participants in Top 8 project, Krasimir Kostadinov got a transitional match with Alex Kurdecha in February in Kyiv. How he is getting ready to the fight? ()

Krasimir, how did you find out about the qualifying match against Alex Kurdecha?

- I find out about when only Igor told me.

What did you think about the news that Alex would be your rival?

- When I understood that I have to pull with Alex, actually I was not so happy because I thought my first match would be in April. I was planning not to train hard until the beginning of February. I did workouts, but not that hard. When I understood that I will pull Alex now I’ve started to pull hard at the table immediately. I just hope I will be in good shape in the beginning of February.

Have you already fought Alex?

- I have never pulled him right-handed. We have only pulled left-handed last year in Moldova.

Have you seen his fights?

- Yes, I have seen all his matches. He is extremely good toproller with very strong wrist. I think he is very good against other toprollers but the last match with Babayev shown that he is good against hook also. So I’m preparing seriously to see what happens.

How do you see the course of this fight?

- How do I see the match? If he manages to take my wrist, he may beat me. If I manage to hook him, I hope that I will be able to beat him.

And in general - how are you?

- In general, I am good and hope soon to be at Vendetta.

How do you train and how do you spend your day?

- Most of days I train two times a day armwrestling and a little bit bents in the morning.

Krasi, best wishes!


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