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Alex Kurdecha: I know that Krasimir will be in good shape >>>

Alex Kurdecha: I know that Krasimir will be in good shape # Armwrestling #

Soon, Alex Kurdecha will fight with Krasimir Kostadinov for a place in the second series of Top 8 fights. His rival, Krasi, said he hopes to be in good shape. But Alex directly stated what he expects from him. A lot is at stake for both of them. ()

Hi Alex!  How, when and where did you find out about the passing match?

 - This issue was discussed before the final stage of Top 8 in Rumia. So I knew about the qualifying round, and Krasimir Kostadinov was considered as a potential rival.  But this was confirmed recently, and we already know the date and place.

 Have you already pulled Krasi?

 - Yes, but on the left, in Moldova, and I remember his hand.  He is an experienced athlete, he even has Levan on his track record before Saginashvili becomes so strong. He defeated Silaev, and also he pulls both with toproll and in a hook. As a person - he is a very good guy, I remember in Moldova he helped me.

 I join your opinion: Krasi is a great man!  You also have something in common like armwrestlers. He is very good at general training, his jumps and “dexterity” are impressive.  However, you also have the skills of an athlete, a football player. You have something in common, and the rest are huge differences...

 - Yes, I remember his jumps before the fight. To release energy.  To go into a duel is good. As for the comparison... My strength is my size.  In this fight I have to take advantage of anthropometry.

However, the opponent’s advantage is experience, experience, and experience!

 Are you already resting before the fight or are you still training?

 - I still have some training in the plan, and then recovery.

 What do you think about the fight between Dave Chaffee and Deivydas Rimkus?

 - Dave can be compared with Denis.  However, the Lithuanian is very ambitious ... but, probably, he still has to wait...

 Alex, do you feel more recognizable in your city, Warsaw, after the Top 8 tournament?

 - In Poland - not really, although sometimes people associate me with arm wrestling.  However, thanks to these last trips, I saw how arm wrestling is developing in the world.  There are really a lot of us. More and more.

 Finally, the question about... cooking.  What do you like to eat the most?

 - I love meat!  Wherever I go, meat is prepared differently.  And the rest of the dishes - it depends on where I am.  I like regional cuisine, but I have a great cook next door - my friend.

Who do you mean?

 - Konrad Jaworowski.

Indeed?  I have known him for many years and thought he was a mechanic.

- Well, he is an excellent cook, and I plan to hold an armwrestling weekend, to which I will invite Conrad and Tomek Proc.

Not a word more, I'm on a diet.  Thank you for the conversation!

- Greetings to readers!


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