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Elena Kuzmych: I know we will win! >>>

Elena Kuzmych: I know we will win! # Armwrestling #

IMPORTANT NOTICE. If you want to support our people in Ukraine and send them a money transfer... First contact Elena Dubeňová Urgent correspondence, Ukraine, Kyiv. President w: PAL Ukraine: I know we will win! ()

Untitled days ...


At the moment, there is only day and night in my life, there is light and darkness, a short day in pleasant bustle, shopping for goods, delivering humanitarian aid around the city and going to the center of hostilities, and then comes an infinitely long night …

I no longer write words of surprise...

I no longer write words of surprise like "How did this happen? Why did it happen to us? When will it end?". I think I'm used to it. Yes, there will be peace, I know it, I know we will win! Because on our side is the truth, the whole world and God!

It is no secret that I have been living in Kyiv for more than 10 years, we have met here many times and I have commented on Armpower readers from Kyiv many times.

I'm still here!

I'm still here, I decided, I know that here I will bring more benefits and during the war here is my place.

From the first days of the war we have been helping our soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defense, with our own forces and with the help of people we have purchased goods for over 500 thousand UAH. We bought basic necessities, hygiene items, medicines, clothes, food, and building materials for military use. Then humanitarian aid began to reach us and it became easier. We are currently continuing to collect because we need tactical clothing, thermal imagers and more.

Frends from Poland

I especially want to thank my friends from Poland for what you do for Ukrainians, your help is invaluable! You are incredible! You share your home, your bread with our people, help financially and send humanitarian aid! Thank you to my friends from other countries, your help is important! And also thanks to Olena, who agreed to help raise funds! After the war, hug everyone!


And yes, if you see an old gray Volga in the city, you should know that it goes your Referee with #redlipstic

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