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Gentleness and strength! # Armwrestling #

A perfect marketing slogan: "Gentleness and strength" - seemingly so different yet sometimes strength truly magnifies gentleness, and gentleness "civilizes" strength. That's what came to my mind when I saw our athlete recently. ()

Many of us are preparing for Paris. We all know that it costs some serious money. Not all competitors will be able to fight in the upcoming IFA World Championships due to the costs. Some have found sponsors; including our Sonia Turzyniecka who got into the national team.

Recently, in the city of Bolesławiec, a Pottery Day was held. A lot of companies presented their products, many products were seen and bought at different stands. Zakłady Ceramiczne „BOLESŁAWIEC” Sp. z o. o. was one of the sellers. It's one of the oldest Polish pottery company and also one of the biggest manufacturers of china, made by hand and ornated by stamping.

Sonia Turzyniecka had her own armwrestling stand around the company... She promoted both the products and our sport.

Ironic but great combination of the gentle porcelain and incredible strength definitely made an impression on the visitors.

Thank you, Zakłady Ceramiczne „BOLESŁAWIEC” Sp. z o. o., for your great support!

Czesław Miłosz, one of the laureates of the Nobel Prize, wrote about porcelain - but translating the poem would only take away what's best about it. Try reading it in its original language - perhaps the language barrier will not take away its beauty for you.


Piosenka o porcelanie

Różowe moje spodeczki,
Kwieciste filiżanki,
Leżące na brzegu rzeczki
Tam kędy przeszły tanki.
Wietrzyk nad wami polata,
Puchy z pierzyny roni,
Na czarny ślad opada
Złamanej cień jabłoni.
Ziemia, gdzie spojrzysz, zasłana
Bryzgami kruchej piany.
Niczego mi proszę pana
Tak nie żal jak porcelany.

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