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Mirosław Hertmanowski: “As long as there's strength left!” >>>

Mirosław Hertmanowski: “As long as there's strength left!” # Armwrestling #

Do you know Mirek? Of course, I'm asking our armwrestlers from abroad since everyone in Poland knows him. I'm trying to introduce Polish athletes to you before the upcoming IFA World Championships. So – meet Mirek! ()

Of course, I have to ask if he's aiming for gold or at least the podium?

Mirosław Hertmanowski:

I have to say, in my life, especially in sports, humility is very important. That's why I want to wait and see what I can do, of course it's another dream of mine and a goal I'm still working on.

How much preparation have you done already?


I've started with Over the Top in Wolfsburg, now I'm training hard and dieting a little. All this time I've been working on myself, I feel like there's still a lot left to do, I have my goals that I want to achieve. I'm gathering experience because every start teaches you something new.

And have you ever considered just leaving this whole armwrestling thing behind?


I don't think so. This sport has become a huge part of my life.


Did you train something else before armwrestling? I'm asking because of your impressive body.


My body is genetically-conditioned, of course it changed a little due to regular trainings but it all started with armwrestling in 2002.


What do you think, where are you now in your career?


I'll continue armwrestling as long as there's strength left.


I sure hope you can. Tell us, how do you combine practice with your family life?



It's not easy. I'm expected to be very disciplined and organized which doesn't always work out perfectly but I'm constantly working to somehow accommodate them.


PeSzy: Then I wish you find a way to do that, and see you in France!



Thank you, especially to the people who keep on cheering for me and motivating me, all my fans and everyone who's rooting for me! Thank you for the interview.

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