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Vitaly Laletin: I thought I could not gain strength >>>

Vitaly Laletin: I thought I could not gain strength # Armwrestling #

Vitaly Laletin does his last training sessions before the second stage of the Top-8, and we see that he has qualitatively changed. Was Vitaly preparing for the fight with Evgeny Prudnik productively? ()

Vitaly, try to evaluate on a scale from 0 to 5, how well did you manage to fulfill the preparation plan for the second stage?

- I would like to mark my preparation process with 4, work and hot weather in our Siberian city interfered me a little. Of course, I would like to gain more weight, but it did not particularly affect my strength.

What do you think was the best thing you could do in preparation?

- I managed to work out well and increase my strength. Although I thought that I would not succeed in raising strength indicators.

Less then two weeks left before the fight. What are your plans?

- I’ll do a couple of workouts, and then it will be just rest and recovery.

Will this fight be more difficult for you than the fight in the first stage?

- Yes, the fight will be difficult.

But I will say this: I was not ready at all for the duel with Dmitry Trubin. Absolutely. My arm hurt. Now it has already recovered, and I still gain strength. So I’m more ready for the second fight than for a meeting with Dmitry.

What did you pay special attention to during preparation? And what do you expect from Prudnik?

- Nothing special. I tried to fill in the places where I had gaps. And from Prudnik you can expect anything. He is an experienced guy, smart in terms of armwrestling and very versatile.

Do you think that the struggle between Levan and Kydyrgali will show the weaknesses of Saginashvili?

- I think yes. Kydyrgali will be able to give some kind of rebuff to Levan, and thereby show his weaknesses.

Whose fights will you watch?

- All the rest - is it mandatory. And I’ll watch my own “from within”, and then I’ll review it later to make work on the mistakes.

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