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Tim Bresnan: I pulled with my grandson to mimic Rustam’s hand! >>>

Tim Bresnan: I pulled with my grandson to mimic Rustam’s hand! # Armwrestling #

This will be the second meeting of Tim Bresnan and Rustam Babaev, but would be probably even more interesting than first one. What will Tim Bresnan bring to China? ()

Tim, how well did you manage to fulfill the preparation plan for the second stage?

– Well my arthritis is feeling better. So, gripping Rustam’s little hand won`t be a problem.

What do you think was the best thing you could do in preparation?

– I pulled a lot with my 8-year-old grandson to mimic the size of Rustam’s hand. But he didn’t have enough strength to push me off back of pad.

Just over two weeks left before the fight.

What are your plans?

– My plans are to win CONVINCINGLY! 

Will this fight be more difficult for you than the fight in the first stage?

– No. The difference between this and my first fight, is the size and strength of the man I'm pulling.

What do you expect from Babaev?

– I expect the same thing from him as first fight but this time I will know what is coming. I will keep my elbow off back of pad.

Whose fights will you watch with bigger interest?

– The fight I'm thinking is most unpredictable is Prudnik vs. Vatali.  Too hard to call who win.

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