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The second stage of the Top 8: Evgeny Prudnik expertise >>>

The second stage of the Top 8: Evgeny Prudnik expertise # Armwrestling #

Evgeny Prudnik shared with us his thoughts on the fights of the participants of the second stage of the Top-8 championship, which will be held in Shenzhen next week. ()

Trubin - Kurdecha. I think it would be more interesting if Dmitry Trubin pulled with Tim Bresnan, and Rustam Babaev pulled with Alex Kurdecha. I have not seen such fights yet, so it would be interesting to look at such a situation. Although, maybe everything after this stage will turn out that way.

It seems to me that Trubin will win against Kurdecha. It will be strange if he loses this time. Although Kurdecha is also not just a boy. He prepares and works on mistake every time, so that can also turn out pretty well, and Alex will set Dmitry up against a serious fight.

Bresnan and Babaev. We have already seen this, and I would like to watch these 12 rounds to the end. Maybe someone will put other to the pillow. Although, it seems to me, Rustam Babayev will win this time.

Because if you compare his training at that time, I looked at the hand: I have been observing Rustam since 2006, and in the shape of my hand I saw that he was a little out of shape then. Now, when he arrived to the draw event, it was clear that he was prepared much better.

Saginashvili - Ongarbayev. The first thing that comes to mind is that Levan will demolish Kydyrgali time after time, 6-0, dry, without resistance. But I would like to believe from the experience of the fight against Kydyrgali (he is very cunning and uncomfortable) that he will be able to find that key to the fight. The whole of Kazakhstan is working on it, and they are generally very good at armwrestling and know a lot about fighting. They say that there will be some kind of surprise, and I have no doubt about it and really want to see this fight.

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