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Prudnik - Laletin: the struggle of anthropometry >>>

Prudnik - Laletin: the struggle of anthropometry # Armwrestling #

These guys are very transformed in preparation for the second stage of the Top-8. What can they show in the fight? ()

Both athletes are very experienced, they have been performing for many years. They did not have any problems with the technical side of training during the fight. And of course, power indicators of both for years have been inspiring respect for the entire world elite - no one could underestimate them. And this year they are actually rising to the top of professional armwrestling. The winner of this match will fight in the finals for first place, and the loser will be able to fight for an honorable third. In sum, all these factors certainly indicate that it will be a very entertaining and eventful match.

What trump cards does Vitaly Laletin have?

The first, and most obvious, is the advantage in anthropometry. A very long arm from the elbow to the palm, as well as long fingers create favorable conditions for imposition of his pulling style and create huge problems with attempts to impose opponent’s style for Vitaly. A very good start in combination with the classic for such anthropometry toproll leaves no chance for his opponents to make a mistake.

What can oppose this to Evgeny Prudnik?

Firstly, it is worth noting that his parameters are also rather good, and even if he is definitely inferior to Vitaly in terms of size of his hands, this match certainly cannot be called a duel between David and Goliath, even on the basis of calculating the size of hands. Also, definitely, the fight in the hook will remain with the Ukrainian armwrestler. And it is worth noting that Evgeny has fought against Rustam Babayev for many years, and therefore he is even used to pull as second number. And their duel in 2013 in Druskininkai must be included in armwrestling textbooks.

We assume that at the start of each match Prudnik will try to go to straps. After which he will try to turn the fight into a hook, because, as practice shows, this is how he tries to fight against all serious rivals. But most likely, Evgeny did not have time to gain enough power in the wrist to spin Vitaly, and this will lead to the fact that Laletin will pass Prudnik’s wrist on the center of the table. After which a protracted struggle will begin, because it is not a problem for a Ukrainian to fight with a dead wrist. Despite this, most likely, Laletin will be able to hold Prudnik’s hand and win the first two rounds. But, as the practice shows, in such cases the brachioradialis gets tired faster, and starting from the third round Prudnik will take away one after another the victories from Laletin. As a result, the score is 4-2 in favor of Evgeny Prudnik.

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