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Rustam Babaev: I plan to win! >>>

Rustam Babaev: I plan to win! # Armwrestling #

Rustam Babaev is already on his way to Shenzhen. What form can this athlete oppose to the opponent? What does he expect from a rematch with Tim Bresnan? ()

Rustam, try to evaluate on a scale from 0 to 5, how well did you manage to fulfill the preparation plan for the second stage?

- Preparation goes according to plan. I think it’s possible to put 5. The main thing is that the injury that happened before the first stage seemed to heal up and did not prevent me from reaching good performance. Although at first there were doubts. But, in general, I am satisfied with everything. Now we need to make the final touch in the training process and bring the form to China.

Will this fight be more difficult for you than the fight in the first stage?

- It seems to me that the first stage for me, to put it mildly, was not very successful. This was due to several factors. I do not want to list them, but I can say I did not pull at all. I think the strength was 50-60%.

What do you expect from Tim Bresnan?

- It’s logical to expect from Tim to pull toproll, since he failed attempts to pass me with side pressure or a hook in the last armfight.

What about the other matches? Who will you watch?

- I will be happy to watch all the pairs, but I think the Laletin-Prudnik would have an interesting balance of power.

Who would you like to see as an opponent in the next stage?

- Regarding the next stage. I want to pull with the strongest. Because in the second stage I plan to win.

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